We have already been able to raise some of our budget, but we still need to raise more funds. We have hooked up with GoFundMe to try and raise £8000 of additional budget. Please take a few minutes to watch the video which contains all of the details and then click on the link below it if you would like to donate. Any donation large or small will help. We are offering some rewards to anyone who donates £10 or above:

Frosted Glass promo 1 from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.
To donate to the project, please click here.

By donating to the project you will receive as a thank you from us the following:

£10 – A CD copy of The Mindset of a Mental Patient signed by Anthony

£20 – All the above and a DVD of the finished film signed by the cast and crew

£60 – All the above and the opportunity to be an extra in the final scene of the film

£80 – All the above and ‘Special Thanks to’ mention on the credits of the film

£100 – All the above and an ‘Associate Producer’ credit on the credits of the film

And also, a particularly special reward:

£5000 – All the above and a short film made about you by the Director of Frosted Glass